Bryan Gay, RMT


Bryan is a huge paddle board enthusiast and started a SUP rental company in the South Okanagan. Previous to Elixir, he spent countless hours introducing individuals to the sport through this busy rental operation and now employs the expertise acquired to create innovative, effective board design.
Chris Bergstrom, BSc(Eng)
Vice President

An accomplished computer engineer, Chris handles all Elixir's online marketing and website functionality. He started paddling 25 years ago by taking out windsurfers (sans sail) and standing while paddling. With the primary purpose of getting a better vantage point from which to collect golf balls on the lake bottom (projected into the water by neighboring golf enthusiasts). He's also an avid mountain biker and triathlete.
Susie Gay, Hon.DipM
Marketing Director

Susie is a honours graduate of BCIT and the Emily Carr Institute of Art + Design in Marketing Communications and Graphic Design. With knowledge and passion, she is responsible for Elixir's board graphic design, website design and overseas all marketing initiatives. Susie loves the serenity of paddle boarding and yoga on the water.
Monica Saldana, DDS
Sales Director

In the fall of 2012 Monica finished a lifelong dream, and completed the Pacific Crest Trail (she hiked from Mexico to Canada!!). Since, she has poured the same determination into Elixir's marketing and sales efforts, and heads up Western Canada's wholesale division.
Joe Mitchell, P.Eng
Vp of Finance

Joe employs much experience in project management and accounting to effectively manage Elixir's financial activities. Joe, a civil and structural engineer, also provides direction with the critical physics components of board and fin design.