1. What is the right board length for my weight?
Our 11’6” paddle board is great for those under 170 lb. Our 12'6 is recommended for those 170 lb. to 260 lb. For those between 170 lb. and 190 lb. you will find that the 12'6" may perform a little faster, yet the 11'6" may be easier to carry.

2. What is the best paddle for me? Full length carbon or carbon adjustable?
Full length carbon is the most lightweight and will give you ultimate performance. To achieve the right length, simply cut down to 8” longer than your height. Click here for a tutorial on cutting down your paddle. If multiple people will be sharing the paddle, then the carbon adjustable is a great option.

3. How long until I receive my board?
In stock items ship within 2 business days. Then allow approximately 3-7 business days to receive your board. Pre-order by May 30, 2012 and receive 10% off.

4. Is there any duty or international shipping charges?
Because we have locations in the USA and in Canada, there isn’t any duty or international shipping charges for these two countries. For information on shipping to other countries, please contact us.

5. How is my board packaged?
Our paddle boards are wrapped completely with bubble wrap and then secured in a sturdy cardboard box.

6. What is your social responsibility policy?
Elixir Board Co is a family owned and operated company committed to preserving the beautiful lakes, rivers and oceans we paddle on. We are a member of 1% for the Planet and contribute to environmental clean-up projects.