Must Have Accessories: Leash, Stomp Pad and Stand Up Paddle Board Paddles

A leash and a stomp pad are two must-have safety accessories for any paddle board rider. A leash keeps the paddle board attached to you, while a stomp pad provides traction for your feet just like the sole of a shoe. Some stand up paddle boards for sale do not have pre-installed traction pad, so a wax is used instead for grip.


Just like paddles, leashes come in a wide variety of sizes. If the rider’s height determines the length of their paddles, the rider’s board determines the size of the leash to use. The rule of thumb is to pick a leash that’s about the same size or slightly longer than your board.


Leashes are strapped securely to your ankle with a Velcro strap, while the other end is attached to the tail of the board. The idea is to keep the board from getting away from you when you fall off the board or jump off it. Waves can quickly sweep away stand up paddle boards. When carried by ocean waves, they can potentially injure others in the ocean. Use your SUP board leash at all times; it may even save your life.


Stand up paddle boards for sale are about six times heavier than regular surfboards. This is why we use stand up paddle board paddles to help riders move around in the water. What this means is you will need a thicker leash for SUP boarding.


SUP enthusiasts have two types of leashes available to them. Coiled leashes look like telephone cords. They produce less drag, which makes them great for flat water or fresh water paddle boarding. They are less likely to get tangled up around your feet or legs. Non-coiled leashes look like regular surfboard leashes. They create drag, but keep the leash far away from your feet in the surf.

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