How to Choose a Stand-Up-Paddle Board Bag

If you want your stand up paddle board to last for years, then you should take good care of it. A key component of any SUP care and protection system is a stand-up-paddle board bag. These bags are specifically designed for use in transport and storage of SUP boards and board paddles.


A SUP board bag is typically padded to provide boards extra protection against scratches and dents. The cover also protects your board from sun exposure, which can damage the surface of your board. A shoulder strap and handle allows for easy carrying.


SUP enthusiasts will find all kinds of SUP board and paddle bags on the market. However, not all of these provide the same degree of care and protection that your SUP equipment needs. The best paddle boards deserve the best board bags.


When shopping for the right bag for your SUP equipment, consider the fit of the bag. SUP boards and paddles come in different sizes and shapes. Racing boards are slender, while cruising boards are wide. Some boards are only 9 feet long, while some reach as much as 14 feet. It is important that your SUP board bag fits your gear nicely like a glove.


Another thing to consider is sturdiness and durability. SUP boards and paddles can weigh several pounds. Your bag should be able to carry the weight of your gear without tearing up easily. It should come with thick padding to protect your best paddle boards in all kinds of journeys.


Your budget will play an important role in your choice of SUP board bag. They can range in price from $100 to $200+. It’s important to do your research and find a bag that suits your needs. Whether it’s a short trip to your local beach or a long haul trip to an exotic beach location, a SUP paddle board bag will keep your SUP gear in tiptop condition.

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