Choosing Stand Up Paddle Board Racks

If you live right next to the beach, you can simply put your SUP board and paddles in your stand-up-paddle-board bag and haul it to the shore. If you are going to travel in your car, however, transporting your SUP board without damaging it can be quite frustrating. A padded stand-up-paddle-board bag is often not enough to protect boards from dents and even breakage. For car trips, you need to invest in quality stand up paddle board racks.


When looking for the right rack, consider the construction and quality of the material. It should be sufficiently wide and sturdy to ensure safe transport of your SUP boarding gear.


When looking for the right SUP rack, your vehicle’s make will dictate what kind of car rack you can purchase. If your car has a roof rack already, finding the right hardware (rails, bars, etc) to go with it is easier. If your car doesn’t have a pre-installed rack, then you need to invest in a full paddle board car rack.


There are currently two types of paddle board racks on the market. Soft racks are made of foam. They are attached to your car using straps. Soft racks are a great option when you’re commuting in a taxi or using a rental car. However, soft racks are not the most durable and secure solution out there. If you are going to travel a lot with your paddle board, consider investing in a hard rack. Though costlier, they are sturdy and provide more secure transport.


Since paddle boards are made of foam, special straps have to be purchased. Just as you need padded bags for traveling, you need rack straps to provide sufficient padding to prevent damage to the board. There are two types of straps available. Surf tie downs are sturdy and heavily padded so you don’t have to worry about denting. They require manual tightening, which is what differentiates them better than ratchet tie-downs. Ratchet tie-downs use buckle tension mechanism. They don’t offer the same amount of padding as surf tie-downs and may cause denting of your board.

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