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Elixir designed this Eco-friendly bamboo paddle board for ultimate balance and stability for yoga or fitness on waterways while retaining effortless paddling and tracking. The Elixir yoga board has a long flat deck pad with wide boxy rails for complete utilization of the top deck. With moderate nose and low tail rocker the board glides across flat water, handles well in chop and turns with ease. This board is also the perfect beginner board because of it's suburb stability. A fantastic board for classes and first timers, and its compact and light weight design makes for easy transportation. Outfitted with front deck plugs for dry bags or water storage and two rear leash plugs with removable bungee ties for the perfect storage of your paddle during your yoga practice. Inhale, exhale, namaste.

$1280 - SOLD OUT
Length: 11'     Width: 32”     Thickness: 5”     Weight: 26.5 lbs     Volume: 194 L
Recommended rider weight:
Beginner up to 215 lb, Intermediate up to 235 lb, Advanced up to 260 lb
Flat top deck all the way to rails, nose and tail; wide rails; wide rounded v-tail and rounded nose; moderate nose rocker and low tail rocker.
Trio Fin System: One 10" centre fin; two 4.5" FCS side fins. Elixir fins are removable, light and ultra strong honeycomb fiberglass.
Figure Eight Bungee System: Secure your dry bag or water bottle to your board with bungee straps affixed to four black inset horizontal cargo plugs in square configuration at front deck.
Elixir Board Co utilizes a lightweight 20kg closed cell EPS Core with wood stringer, vacuum bagging technology, and real bamboo sandwich construction on board top and bottom to provide more traditional longitudinal flex and strength. The top deck has two layers of fiberglass/epoxy and the bottom deck has three layers of fiberglass/epoxy with additional layers of fiberglass reinforcement for the rails, nose and tail for a strong, beautiful and lightweight board. Epoxy high grade paint and clear coating is used to maintain board integrity and graphics.
For comfortable cushioning of your spine, hands, knees, hips and head during your yoga practice and comfort underfoot during your waterway cruises, we have designed a deck pad to utilize the full potential of your board. Our 5mm EVA deck pad with fabric-like texture mimics a traditional yoga mat with its extended coverage, joint support and grip to allow you to execute any asana while keeping your board esthetically pleasing. Featuring a carrying handle plug to use during your practice or cruises for a smooth uniform deck.

Outfitted with a GORE™ Protective Vent to automatically regulate internal board pressure to prevent damage to your board.
Add a fixed length or adjustable paddle, board bag (perfectly sized and matched to your board) and coiled leash.