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The Elixir grom board is designed especially for youth and kids with a soft top deck for increased comfort, safety and durability. Features enforced EVA rails, nose and tail for extra protection but utilizes a hard bottom for easy paddling. Outfitted with front deck plugs for dry bags or water storage and a rear leash plug. The stability and lightness of our grom board is perfect for getting the whole family on the water. Recommended for kids ages 5 and up.

$740 - SOLD OUT
Length: 9'     Width: 32”     Thickness: 4.5"     Weight: 23 lb

Recommended rider weight:
Beginner up to 125 lb, Intermediate up to 150 lb, Advanced up to 175 lb

Complete soft top deck, rails, nose and tail

Trio Fin System: One 8"  centre fin; two 4.5"  FCS side fins. Elixir fins are removable, light and ultra strong honeycomb fiberglass.

Figure Eight Bungee System: Secure your dry bag or water bottle to your board with bungee straps affixed to four black inset horizontal cargo plugs in square configuration at front deck.
The top deck utilizes a soft cross-linked high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and the bottom deck a durable slick bottom polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The rails, nose and tail are reinforced with EVA for a strong, durable and lightweight board.
Soft top deck is very resistant to scratches and dings that can result from younger paddlers learning the sport.

Outfitted with a GORE™ Protective Vent to automatically regulate internal board pressure to prevent damage to your board.
Add a fixed length or adjustable paddle, board bag (perfectly sized and matched to your board) and coiled leash.


(available summer 2013)