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Elixir Board Co was founded on the concept of offering high quality stand up paddle boards at a competitive price. To achieve this, we focused on creating select boards for each style: all-rounder, touring and racing. Our all-rounder paddle board was designed to be versatile; great for flat water, river and small surf. For our second all-rounder and touring paddle board, we chose bamboo for it's natural lightweight performance and environmental sustainability. Our racing paddle board uses double carbon technology creating a fast board.

Our team at Elixir dream of paddling and make the world’s best SUP boards. But a few of us lie awake at night dreaming of supply chain efficiencies, and how to minimize excess production costs.
Other companies send boards to a distributor, who sends it to a regional sales rep, who then sends it to a store. Each person takes their cut, and the board gets pricey.
We have a better plan. We send it directly to you after you place an order online. As a result, we can give you an amazing board at an unbeatable price.

End Of Season Specials

Recent Press
We were recently featured by the Calgary Herald. See the full story here.