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At Elixir, we create innovative stand up paddle boards with top notch construction. We are very excited about our new board styles. Elixir boards are made with industry leading PVC Sandwich construction, the lightest and strongest construction available. Our stand up paddle boards have a closed cell waterproof core, giving added protection if any major dings should occur. Board rails, nose and tail are reinforced with extra fiberglass, and epoxy high grade paint is used to maintain board integrity.
GORE™ Protective Vents allow air to flow back and forth between the core and the paddle board exterior (as temperature and air pressure necessitates), but brilliantly the waterproof membrane prevents water from entering. All styles, except the race model, come with cargo plugs and figure eight bungee system to secure your dry bag or water bottle. >Boards
Elixir long 10” fins provide excellent tracking to maximize paddle efficiency, and this extra length increases vertical stability. Light and strong, the 10” center and accompanying side fins are composed of honeycomb fiberglass. Elixir’s adjustable paddles now use a lever tension technology to easily adjust to any length, and minimize the amount of play in the paddle. Also new this year, our board bags have 220 degree opening for ease of access, strong metal carrying strap clip, paddle anchoring straps, and fin pocket. >Paddles + Accessories
We’re excited to be part of this awesome organization ... helping keep Earth in business!
Elixir Board Co is a family owned and operated company committed to preserving the beautiful lakes, rivers and oceans we paddle on. We are a member of 1% for the Planet and contribute to various water protection projects, and recently partnered with Give Clean Water in their efforts to change the world by providing clean water to every person on earth who needs it.

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